Lady Donli Is Back With New Single “Poison”

Written by on 28/11/2017


Lady Donli Is Back With New Single “Poison”

Lady Donli is a 21-year-old Neo-soul/alternative artiste from Kaduna State in Nigeria. A graduate of Law in the U.K., She cites Erykah Badu, ASA, Nneka and Andre 3000 as her primary influences. Her music swings from alternative jazz to R&B to Hip-Hop. She currently has 3 musical projects to her name, the most recent Wallflower has been circulating in the alternative indie scene in Nigeria and continues to gain her online recognition. She is the co-founder of the collective SAFI and is part of a new wave of African music currently challenging the norms and breaking boundaries in the music scene.

She continues her run of high-quality singles in 2017 with “Poison,” her third drop of the year. The much-anticipated track comes as the follow up to ‘Kashe Ni’ and ‘Ice Cream Ft. Tomi Thomas’ which is consistent with her running theme of dangerous relationships. ‘Poison’ finds her running from someone who is all to content to play games rather than commit to the serious love she’s looking for. She knows his affection will slowly end up ruining her like poison, and as she states in the song, she “wants no part of it”.

The song is produced by Chillz who crafts up a beat that softly lures you in before the drop on the hook which has drums that would be at home on any club Dancefloor. The beat continues to morph as Chillz brings in electronic and dubstep influences as DJ Woske interjects with his own tale of how he’s tired of being played with by the object of his desire.

Poison’ showcases another side of Lady Donli’s sound and continues the story of the relationship that she started in ‘Kashe Ni’ and followed with ‘Ice Cream’. With additional vocals from rising underground stars Tay Iwar and Malika Hamzaa, ‘Poison’ is another strong entry into Lady Donli’s discography.




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