London-based Swedish Future Soul/R&B Singer Shaqdi shares ‘Predictable’

Written by on 23/01/2020

Listen to Shaqdi's new single Predictable on Snatch Radio
Shaqdi’s debut single on Snatch Radio, Predictable.

London-based Swedish future soul/r&b singer, songwriter & producer Shaqdi shares ‘Predictable’ off her forthcoming second EP via East of Eden.

The track follows on from the beautiful ‘Mom’ which came out late last year and is a smooth and addictive take on nearly getting over a relationship but being pulled back in.

Speaking on the track: Shaqdi said: Predictable is about trying to get over someone who’s making it difficult for you to move on. After breaking up you feel like sh*t for a while and then when you finally start to feel a bit better you get that text from them saying ‘I miss you’ or some other cheap shot. Admittedly it does feel really good to hear but incredibly sad at the same time, and just not at all what you need.”

Shaqdi, who’s name comes from her Palestinian father, is an outsider changing the rules of the game. Whether it’s crafting her own beats or bringing her lyrics together from scraps of paper and endless voice notes on her phone, Shaqdi’s material is highly personal. Born and raised in Sweden, Shaqdi was surrounded by music growing up. Her mum a pianist, and her sister a music enthusiast who bought hundreds of CDs and introduced Shaqdi to different genres and artists. This close-knit family dynamic and obsessive love of music are what shapes the artist we have today – gorgeous electronic inspired future-soul, channeling R&B influences as far apart as The Neptunes, Erykah Badu, as well as the likes of Daniel Caesar, Sango, and Mahalia. 

“Catchy songs that sit somewhere between modern, electronic pop and a more classic R&B sound” – Pigeons & Planes

Her debut EP ‘Colorless’ has racked more than 3 million streams on Spotify as well as being championed by the likes of Jamz Supernova on Radio 1xtra. With eyes and ears focused on her next EP due for Spring 2020, make way for Shaqdi, who’s beautifully crafted, dreamlike R&B is ready to take center stage. 

Shaqdi is bringing a fresh, soulful sound to R&B that can’t quite be categorised – Dummy Mag

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