Snatch Moore is the Founder/CEO of Snatch Radio UK, an avid lover of Afrobeats and music in general. Studied Business Administration and Management Studies but his love for music and entertainment has given him the motivation to promote Afrobeats globally. As the founder of Snatch Radio and also Royal Clan - the parent company for most of his ventures, Snatch brings a lot of enthusiasm, precision and expertise into everything he does. Learning the ins and out of setting up an online radio station, he started from the scratch and has built a brand worth reckoning with. He is a talented musician as well, graphic designer and an amicable MC. From listening to the radio, reading about radio broadcasting and watching Youtube videos, he is now the host of his own radio show on Snatch Radio UK called 'The Snatch Moore Show'. The show focuses on music, news in the entertainment industry, jokes, motivational quotes etc. As he will say, 'anything can happen on the show'. Snatch Moore plans to take his businesses to the world stage as he teams up with young and hungry talented individuals and gradually building a strong team. Watch out more from him on this platform and beyond.

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