Swedish Singer/songwriter, Juni Releases Debut Single ‘Change’

Written by on 04/06/2021

Swedish singer/songwriter, Juni releases debut single, 'Change'

Swedish singer/songwriter, Juni releases debut single ‘Change’.

The song consists of aggressive synths and key harp (Swedish traditional string instrument) with velvet soft vocals in a slow tempo. 

The sound image appears both futuristic and folk-nostalgic. Lyrically and melodically the song contains everything that’s buzzing around in one’s head when a relationships dynamics scrapes: The beautiful, the frustrating, the awful, the fragile, the bitter and the irresistible.

JUNI’s words on the song:

Change is an attempt to make up your mind. It would be easy if one could decide what to believe, think and feel, but it’s impossible to control it at all times. That’s how it is and how it must be – It’s okay to change your mind and it’s okay to regret things.

This is a wonderful piece of work, put out by Juni and her voice is supernaturally soothing to the ears.

Listen and comment below.

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